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Zynga has announced that the link between online gambling and Zynga’s game is very natural, this was announced by the CEO of the social gaming company, Mark Pincus. And he added that real money gambling and gaming is also very naturally connected to the social games. It is done by buying points, virtual goods or chips. And he added that it is not a new thing, as people been buying in game money and goods for real money on the internet for a long time now.

And Zynga fits quite perfectly for this buisness, as Zynga is an online poker titan, with more than 30,000,000 players per month. This makes Zynga the biggest online poker operator worldwide. And Zynga isn’t stopping there, but it intends to launch more gambling games, for example, there soon to be released Zynga Bingo which is expected to harness them a lot of money.

Mark Pincus also stated that they are very excited about this upcoming release. And he added that he encourages everyone to follow them, as they will be stunned with their success, they will even do more than what people usually see in offshore online casinos. And it is expected that Zynga will keep doing millions whether it be from social games or gambling games because of the ruling of the Justice Dept. that allowed online gambling on various social network sites such as Facebook.

Zynga Poker and Online Gambling

As Zynga already have million of players paying large amounts of money to buy upgrades to their virtual farms on Farmville or to buy millions of chips to use on Zynga Poker. So when online gambling is added to the picture, one can only try to imagine the large amount of profits that lay within the grasps of Zynga. And there has been recent news concerning this issue, as Zynga is planning to separate itself from Facebook and have its own server and platform, which will allow it to easily merge real money wages with Zynga poker.

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