WSOP Roots for US Poker Legalisation

Caesars Entertainment Gary LovemanWSOP Roots for US Poker Legalisation

When the owners of the World Series of Poker, Caesars Entertainment Group, announce that the legalisation of online poker is an inevitability, one might raise a skeptic’s eyebrow.  However, when the Congress connected Chairman of that company, Gary Loveman is the one making the announcement; people listen.

Caesars in it to Win it

Although Caesars stands to make some potential partnership money from the very announcement alone, the message is still valid.  Congress is taking online gambling seriously and as Mr. Loveman stated, it’s no longer a question of if, but when.

Online Gambling and Online Poker

Caesars was formerly an opponent of the legalisation of online gambling and online poker, but have jumped the fence and are now rooting for the change.  Caesars is perhaps one of the largest casino empires that stands to make the most money from the US as poker players pinned down from Black Friday are eagerly anticipating getting into the WSOP online poker room.

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