Would You Leave Your Country to Play Online Poker?

Would You Leave Your Country to Play Online Poker?

There are several online poker professionals that are leaving the United States and heading for countries where online gambling is legal. Some are headed for Canada, others are headed for tropical beaches and some are on their way to the UK. Why so serious? Many of these professional poker players had their income severely damaged by the recent online gambling crackdown in the US, but many have questioned why the players simply cannot just go to a land casino and make the same living.

There are a few very good reasons why land casinos are not a viable option for players that make a living from poker.

1) Most poker circuits would require the professional poker players to travel extensively while financially maintaining their road life and the life of their family back at home.

2) Online poker offers more opportunities to earn money from multiple tournaments, multiple hands of poker and an immense volume of players.

3) While offline poker tournaments can be profitable, online poker simply offers more opportunities for a professional to earn money, save money on expenses of road life, but many players just starting out often hold a full or part time job while playing online poker in their free time.

During a time of record high unemployment, for some poker professionals it just makes good business sense to go where the money is and currently, that just is not the US.

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