World of Series of Poker 2011 MAIN Event Bubble DAY FOUR

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MAIN Event Bubble – DAY FOUR

693 player to be exactly are now guaranteed to walk away with $20,000.  For many amateur players that could mean the start of their poker playing career, but for Reza Kashani from Irving, California, he’ll be going home with a title, but no money.  Unfortunately, for Kashani, he is this year’s “bubble” the player that beat out ninety percent of other competitors only to finish outside of the money.  Busting out of the main event, as the 694th place finisher, Kashani was quoted as saying, “ All the players who are coming (next year) and will be here, they better watch out for me!”

Poker Tournament

Now, day four of the world’s most well-known poker tourney continues with 693 players in the money and competing for the top eight positions.  The poker champion of this year’s tournament will have a pay day of $8,711,956 and the remaining seven will walk away with 1 million dollars each.

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