William Hill Odds for English Premier League Teams

William Hill Gambling NewsOne of the biggest football events that take place each year in England is going to start after almost one week. This event is the English Premier League. Even before the start of the season and the internet sportbooks started to take in some insane bets from the online gamblers.

For instance, William Hill has announced that it has taken one of the largest pre season wagers by one crazy fan of Liverpool. The gambler has put down forty four thousand British pounds on Liverpool to be the team that wins the premier league.

The man who placed this bet is a man in his mid thirties and he backed his side at twenty five to one odds. This obligated William Hill to cut its odds to sixteen to one. This means that if Liverpool wins the league, the player will be entitled for 777.3 thousand British pounds and if Liverpool comes in second place, he will win a total of 205.3 thousand British pounds. William Hill also stated that Liverpool is responsible for more than forty percent of all of the Premier League’s stakes.

William Hill currently offers different odds for teams in the English Premier League. William Hill offers five to two for Man United, twelve to one for Arsenal, sixteen to one for Liverpool, six to five for Man City, five to one for Chelsea, twenty five to one for Tottenham Hotspurs. As for the rest of the teams, the odds are one hundred and fifty to one.

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