William Hill Internet Gambling

William Hill Gambling NewsWilliam Hill the famous internet gambling operator that supplies gambling and sport wagering services to its users has launched yet another product.  This products is called the Passoker, which is timed perfectly with the upcoming 2012 Euro football competition. This game will provide on game commentary by Sid Waddell and Martin Tyler form Sky Sports. This commentary will be live during the transmission of any match of any sport. This product is considered the only betting product that can be played during the match on the same day and other TV shows such as EastEnders and Coronation Street.

This product would allow the players to place their bets in order to join any table before the beginning of a match or a TV show that they wish to wager on. Players will start to earn their payout as the story or the match events unfold. The timing for such product is more than perfect as it is timed with the summer which has a lot of upcoming sport events such as the 2012 Euro. As announced by the COO of William Hill, Jim Mullen that this timing is perfect and it would make the company able to provide its users with the best wagering and gambling experience.

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