William Hill Financials Looking Stronger

William Hill, the respected and well-reputed UK bookmaker has released its financial records and revenue growth for 2012. The gambling operator was able to report a double-digit growth this past year. The online section has contributed greatly in the revenue due to its strong performance. According to the numbers of the report, the profits of the company exceeded 512 million dollars, which is a great increase from last year’s 432 million dollars.

The earnings from the mobile and online gambling sectors skyrocketed and they basically lifted the whole company with their performance. The net revenue from the online gambling operations of William Hill increased by thirty percent in the first half of 2012 as it reached 311 million dollars.

It seems that the company has taken the correct decision when it came to enriching and developing the mobile gaming section. This is because the investments that the company has placed in the mobile section, whether sports betting or casinos gaming, has paid off greatly.  The wagers done through mobiles contributed to 22% while the casino gaming sector contributed to eleven percent of the total revenue.

2012 was a busy year for William Hill as it witnessed the acquisition of big names in the industry such as acquiring the sportsbooks operations of Cal-Neva in the state of Nevada and purchasing Sportingbet. This performance is only going to increase after the purchase of Cal Neva and especially after William Hill has earned a gaming license from the authorities in Nevada, where gambling is available for US players.

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