Where Does MGM and Wynn Fall on Legalising Online Gambling?

US Online GamblingWhere Does MGM and Wynn Fall on Legalising Online Gambling?

Casino owners and franchises have recently joined in the fight to legalise online gambling. There are currently several different pieces of legislation in Congress working towards this goal. The AGA is a big supporter of allowing online gambling on a state level, where each state would be able to decide what limitations needed to be put into place, and their CEO, Frank Fahrenkopf, is optimistic about this passing successfully.

MGM Resorts, Wynn Resorts

Fahrenkopf believes that now more than ever it will be possible to successfully pass this legislation and legalise online gambling. The interest in the online gambling industry has recently gained in popularity, ever since the top three companies were shut down in April. The three poker companies that were shut down were a small part of a $6 billion a year industry, and the federal government is currently looking for half that amount in damages and penalties for money laundering..

There are still two mega casinos in Las Vegas that have not yet announced which side of the legislation they are on; the MGM resorts and Wynn resorts.

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