What Happened with Worldspread?

UK gambling newsFollowing the disastrous failure of the online spreadbetting firm, Worldspread, in the United Kingdom, there were a lot of massive repercussions. It seems that such repercussions are not going to end any time soon. According to reports, the ex directors of Worldspreads are going to face legal charges. These legal charges are brought up by the creditors on the hands of special administrators.

Worldspreads was established twelve years ago back in the year 2000.  Seven year following its establishment, in 2007, it got listed on the AIM market of London. The spreadbetting firm was then handed to Samantha Bewick and Jane Moriarty the special KPMG administrators by the beginning of 2012. These special administrators are reported to have already started to gather proofs and evidence on the behalf of the committee of creditors after they gave them the green light to proceed.

Commenting on this, Jane Moriarty stated that they have sat down and agreed with the committee of creditors and they have been given the green light to start gathering and compiling evidences. They now have a forensic team that is working at the moment gathering proofs and evidences. She also stated that once the team finds the needed evidence and when such evidence is reviewed, the administrators will then decide whether they can build a case to repay the creditors through legal action. So everyone is currently waiting for the results and the evidences being gathered by the team.

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