Washington DC Lottery Operator

LotteryA New Lottery Operator

It is a known fact that Washington DC desperately needs a new lottery operator and that an outside review is entirely necessary. However, when it comes down to it, it is hard to say exactly how seriously the search and subsequent review are being taken.

Greek Company Intralot

This all started more than a year ago after the then attorney general, Peter J. Nickles, and previous chief procurement officer David P. Gragan, spoke up about their concerns over the Greek company Intralot.

The Lottery Contract

The deal involving Intralot the lottery contract was completed without any extensive research regarding various aspects of the deal. There have been many issues surrounding the lottery system over the years from thousands of dollars in fake tickets to the sudden and unexplained refusal of Vincent C. Gray and switching to a new company. Until a new lottery operator is put in place after a review from an outsider such scandals are sure to continue in the lottery department.

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