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15 German states back the gambling laws back in December and now the British titans of gambling are looking to enter the market.  As the months have passed since Decemeber, Bwin Party Casinos and Betfair have been the most interested, but there is still much work to accomplish.  The liberal licensing policies in Schleswig-Holstein already met with the approval of the European Commission and other states should eventually fall in line with the new and hopefully better gambling system.  Several improvements have been made over the past decade in online gambling software.  Much of the software from the reputable nations of licensing have checks and balances in place to keep the gaming fair and much of that technology will either be adopted by Germany or will be in place from online gambling companies.  This very fact nullifies any argument by those states that online gambling is unfair.

Even though the European Commission seemed very positive about the changes being made, they are currently denying action for even twenty licenses to be issued to gambling companies.  This is still good news for the online gambling companies, but it would seem that it is a stall tactic by those states that do not wish to comply and break up the monopoly.  This same tactic was used in Greece for many years, but if something is inevitability, no amount of stalling will prevent it from happening.  Some have even stated that it could be two years for the market to open and become a free market for gambling.

If the proposal is modified, the European Commission may change its views on the current situation with German online gambling.  In any good negotiation there will be give and take and this current proposal being rejected is only another step towards compliance with the EU.  As with Denmark and other EU nations, getting in line with the free market and especially with gambling is a requirement.  While a country may drag its feet in that compliance, eventually it will happen.  The last proposal is so close to compliance, that it will probably only take a few more bouts of negotiation before the market is truly fair and in accordance with the Commission.

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