Verifying Players with Better Technology Increasingly Relevant

PlayerVerifyVerifying Players with Better Technology Increasingly Relevant

With recent event in the US in April, related to online gambling, player verification is becoming much more important than it has in the past. Some online casinos are simply relying on IP based verification. If the player is accessing the player membership application from a US based IP, that small bit of code simply rejects them.

However, more advanced software is necessary in order for online casinos to be more responsible for their own protections as well as to not abide citizens of other countries breaking their laws. PlayerVerify is one such technology that takes the process very seriously and affords online gambling concerns the proper identifying system that they need.

PlayerVerify is essentially a middle-man in the information game between players and the casinos, but what an intelligent middle-man they are. Instead of players and casinos fumbling around for verification documentation, it is all stored with so that a gaming site or a player may request their information very easily. Now, the concerns might be that all of this sensitive data is held in one location, making it easier for problems to arise from security breaches. Fair, but this is why the site is much more secure than the current modus operandi.

Here we have a player that is signing up at two or more casinos. They are asked to email copies of their driving license, passports and such. Now, each of those three casinos have that player’s information not only on file, but also sent through insecure channels.

Instead, PlayerVerify accepts the information from the player and displays the information to the casino in a secure environment. Much safer and tidier and something that most online casinos will be looking at in their expansions to other countries such as Italy.

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