Vegas Casinos Encourage Internet Poker Laws in US

PokerStarsVegas Casinos Encourage Internet Poker Laws in US

Mark Lipparelli, the head of the state gambling Board of Nevada said that the legalization of online poker was underway, and that the Board will ready to issue licenses to internet poker providers starting February next year. He said that casino playing and playing online are now not too different from each other, and further went on to discuss the present online poker game-play scenario. However, the only thing that is still holding Lipparelli and the rest of the Board members is the Nevada internet poker legislation. The bill recently cleared the state legislation, but can only be enforced once it clears Washington and online poker is regularized at the federal level.

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Mr. Lipparelli also said that the Board would favor those who already hold licenses in the state. This simply means that firms close to the NGB would be given preference, while relatively newer companies will have to wait. According to the reports, the NGB will conduct a quick but thorough investigation before giving license to any prospective provider. The NGB boss also made it clear that the licensed companies would only be allowed to carry their operations within the state and offer their services to its residents only. The websites would be practically inaccessible for game-play to anyone outside the geographical boundaries of Nevada.

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About the license requirements, Lipperalli added that they were going to be tough. He was quick in adding that the Board had considered the licensing model for online casinos was similar to the land-based one. Player protection, technological advances and probity are to be the key areas that the Board especially plans to take care of.

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