Utah Finalizes Online Gambling Stance

Legalising US Online Poker

Utah Finalizes Online Gambling Stance

It seems that the bill that is aimed to ban all kinds of online internet gaming is progressing quite nicely for its supporters. Because it has been only two months, or even less than that period, after it was viewed and put on the table. And it has already been signed by the governor and was signed into law. This occurred not long after the United States Dept. of Justice clarified its Wire Act. That was explained to be the most effective tool that would be used in order to ban and prevent all types of intrastate betting and gambling on the internet.

As for the reactions that occurred preceding this news, Stephan Sandstorm, the republican lawmaker stated that he would present a proposal that he referred to as a desperate try to aid the economy of the United States. And he also added that he, alongside a number of gambling experts and critics see that the recent actions carried out by the United States’ Dept. of Justice represents a major interference and a huge crack in the moral basics of America, and that it is against the freedom and all what America represents. And despite that, but a lot of people in the online gaming community in America predict that the interstate federal bill is dead until 2012, or even for good. And he added that this legislation would give the states the ability to opt out or in.

This brings us to another controversy concerned with online gambling. In Utah, according to the Utah bill, anyone who engages in any sort of online gambling will be found guilty of a class B misdemeanor. And going deeper into the law, concerning class B misdemeanors, the law has a maximum jail penalty of six months in jail, accompanied by a fine of 1,000 $. What is very controversial is that class B misdemeanor hold a wide array of heinous crimes. These crimes include resisting arrest, driving under the influence, holding a concealed weapon, shoplifting and even assault. This shows the classification of online gambling in the eyes of the Utah bill.

Speaking of which, Hawaii and Utah are the only two states in the United Stated that illegalize all kinds and sorts of gambling, whether online gambling, land based gambling or sports and horse betting. But besides that, there has been tries in the Pacific in order to involve Hawaii in the very lucrative industry of gambling. On the other side, Utah is not going to budge under any pressure concerned with gambling, as the state has already finalized laws and regulations to protect itself from the continuous changes that happen in the online gambling community. But this is the exact opposite for Nevada, its neighboring state. As it seems that the state is very close to completely legalize online poker. As the state already started to legalize it last year in the summer, and it has put a set of rules around New Year’s.

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