USA Online Poker Room Has Closed Down

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There are not that many online poker rooms that are willing to brave the US market at the current moment in time. Those that do, for the most part, are online poker rooms that are in online gambling markets that are far removed from the United States, its legislation and the massive federal bureaucracy known as the Department of Justice. When you take a look at the handful of online poker rooms that do operate within the borders of the United States however, what you will find is that they are held in very high regard by their peers and customers within the online gambling and online poker communities. They are something of folk heroes, who to the people that are pro online gambling are fighting the good fight against an unfair policy that is being unfairly enforced through the strength of the US federal government. For this reason, online gambling institutions in general and online poker institutions specifically that choose to operate within the United States usually receive extra business from people as a thank you for choosing those hard conditions to begin with.

However, one of those folk heroes has been slain this week, with a major online poker room choosing to close its borders to all that would wish to attend. The poker room is the Zosoz Poker Room and it was located at It claimed to be operating within the United States legally and all indications were that at least for the moment, the government authorities within the country were not really looking to challenge the status of the room. This led many to believe that the Zosoz operation was indeed a legitimate one that could be around for a long time within the United States and for that reason the closing of the poker room has come as a shock to many people and analysts within the online gambling community. It has been about 10 days since the room closed and in that time the shock has not dissipated, with many people attempting to speculate on the reasons as to why the room has closed. Government influence is currently at the top of the list of many people that have chosen to comment on the closure.

For their own part, Zosoz has not chosen to either confirm or dispel the rumours that are now circulating around the internet like wildfire. Their own statement regarding the closure said that they were closing due to unforeseen circumstances, which in itself is a phrase that has led many to believe that it was indeed at the behest of the US federal government that the site chose to end its operations. That having been said however, Zosoz has also been meticulous in granting refunds to the customers of the website. The only proviso on that is that anyone with more than $600 in their account needs to validate their identification with proof in order to get the money, but beyond that people have been finding it relatively easy to get their money back. So, with no real refund scandal and other online gambling institutions to turn to, speculation might be as far as the Zosoz story goes.

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