US Digital Gaming, Richard Bronson has a Smart Plan for the US

US Digital Gaming USDG

Richard D. Bronson (USDG)

US Digital Gaming, Richard Bronson has a Smart Plan for the US

Richard D. Bronson, founder of US Digital Gaming (USDG) is well known in the gaming industry as a casino developer having served with Steve Wynn. Mr. Bronson and his partners at the USDG have online gambling all figured out for the US and their plan actually makes an immense amount of good sense. Take a look at the video of Mr. Bronson below to find out more about what USDG sees for the future of online gambling in the United States.

Bronson, Painter and Baskin

Mr. Bronson, Scott Painter ( and Richard Baskin (producer, writer and son of Burt Baskin, founder of Baskin Robbins) and the USDG plan to take offline, land based casinos onto the internet and their approach will be heavily focused in enlisting the entertainment industry. This is why hiring the former head of FOX Interactive, Jon Richmond, as their CEO puts their plan on the right path.

Gaming Industry

Mr. Bronson already knows the gaming industry and clearly points out that a drive for a national gaming legislation would be futile without a President that is ready to allocate a full term and resources to the endeavour. However, as smartly laid out in the video below, Mr. Bronson and the USDG sees gambling legislation as something that will work on the state level. With the all-star business lineup that USDG has enlisted, their plan seems to have the most chance of making online gambling in the US, a reality in the next one to two years.

USDG Skip Bronson Interview from on Vimeo.

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