University of Las Vegas Seminar

The University of Las Vegas has promised to hold a seminar concerning online gambling on the 18th of May, it is planned to last for the whole day. This symposium has been initiated with the recent increase in interest in online gambling and its dangerous and benefits. This seminar will be hosted by a representative of the Law school in the Las Vegas University, William s. Boyd. At the middle of this seminar, the regulation and the legalization of online gambling will be discussed; analysts and experts will take the stand alongside different authors in this market.

There have been several points that have been announced to be discussed in this seminar. These points are concerned with the different ways to catch cheaters and fraud players. Also another main point that will be discussed is the ways and methods that would be implemented to verify the age and the identity of the players alongside the location of the player. All of these issues will be discussed alongside the main point, the regulating and licensing of the online gambling operators and casinos.

The speakers who will talk concerning the laws and the different jurisdictions that are related with online gambling will include the following speakers: the executive director from the International Gaming Institute, Bo Bernhard. The writer of Carswell’s Handbook, Babak Barin, the director of the UNLV, David Schwartz and the chief officer of BMM, Mike Dreitzer. Not only those, but these speakers are just a few of the speakers and the experts who will take the stand on this symposium.

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