UK Poker Pro Tom Middleton Triumphs in WCOOP Final Challenge with $500K

Tom “Middy” Middleton, the British national who emerged as champion in the 2013 European Poker Tour (EPT) came up with another first place victory in the finals of PokerStars’ $2,100 buy-in World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) Challenge Series. The Leeds, UK native fought long and hard against formidable fellow finalists in the likes of Bryn Kenney and David “Bakes” Baker.

The win not only earned Middy a seat at the $5,200 buy-in WCOOP Main Event; it also landed him the first prize share of $500,000, from out of the $3,248,000 prize pool generated by the $2,100 buy-in competition that drew 1,624 online registrants. However, Baker and Kenney’s luck did not hold out as the two players ended up as sixth and ninth placers, respectively.

Actually, it was a player from Israel known only for his online name of “bboooommmmmm”, who gave Middleton a tough time. Being the only remaining contenders, the two players negotiated a deal that left $40K and the $5,200 WCOOP Main Event entry fee on the table. The British pro struggled at first, since the Israeli had some initial success and was dangerously holding nearly the same number of chips as Middy, at around 12 million.

Still, the 2013 EPT Champion managed to get back and maintain a commanding chip lead, enough to relegate “bboooommmmmm” as second-place winner in the WCOOP Challenge series finale. The latter may not have earned the right to claim the $40K and the $5,200 Main Event entry fee, but he ended up richer by as much as $422,594, in light of the heads-up deal.

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