UK Gambling News, Gambling Act 2005 Order 2011 and Local Business

UK gambling newsUK Gambling News, Gambling Act 2005 Order 2011 and Local Business

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The Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) allowed for the recent increase in B3 gaming machines to £2 as well as increasing the amount of B3 gaming machines allowed in AGC’s. Bingo premesis are allowed to have not more than 20% of their gaming machines be B3’s. The Gambling commission in league with the DCMS created a document to assist proprietors with the new changes.

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The Order went in force on 13 July 2011 and amends the Gambling Act 2005. One question that many might have is in regards to electronic bingo terminals and where they fall within the amendment if they offer gaming machine content. Under the amedment and EBT is considered a gaming machine primarly for the purpose of gambling and does in fact count towards the total amount of gaming machines on premesis.

The aforementioned document to assist proprietors may be reached here and a similarly informative companion document may be reached here. Both of these documents should answer any questions one may have about the new amendment and how it will affect operations.



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