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Summary Salford Casinos

The Mint Casino, Salford Casino is open seven days a week starting from noon and ending at six in the morning. Bring ID as it will be required, especially if you look to be under the age of twenty-one. This is one of the smaller Mint Casinos, but there are a lot of regulars that have enjoyed going to this Salford casino for sometime now. There is still a sizeable amount of games available and the casino has a Grill called Chapters if you might get hungry.

Salford Casinos Offers and Promotions

Membership is not a requirement to play at Maxims Reading Casino, but it is important to have identification. The events held at this Reading casino are excellent and well thought out. Poker tournaments are rather popular and the nights that they hold wine tastings is also a real crowd pleaser. If you are looking for a poker game in Salford, then the Salford Mint Casino has one each Friday and Monday evening.

Salford Casinos Games

Kalooki competitions take place W, Th, Sa, Sun evening and Sun afternoons. There is also the standard Electronic Roulette, Stud Poker, Blackjack, American Roulette and Three Card Poker. This Salford Casino has packed a lot of gaming into a somewhat small area, but it gives the casino a good look and positive energy.

Tips for Salford Casinos

When at this Salford Casino, try a bite to eat at the Chapter Grill.

Tel: 0161 792 3794

Cromwell Road, Castle Irwell, Salford M6 6DA