Napoleon's Hull casino

Napoleon's Hull Casino

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Napoleon’s Hull casino is a great place for friends because they offer all night dining and game play.  Plus, your first drink is free.  Napoleon’s has a good amount of parking, an outdoor smoking area and a valet service of free sandwiches and drinks.


Poker tournaments with medium to large prize pools and live entertainment.


Four tables of American Roulette, eighteen slots, two tables of 3 Card Poker, Blackjack, Touchbet and Roulette also make an appearance.

Tips for Hull Casinos

We’ve brought up some differences between offline casinos (land based casinos) and online casinos in our other discussions, but we thought of a few more good ones.  We’ve written about the social factor of offline casinos, but one thing that you don’t often get to do with an online casino is make friends with the staff and management.

Making friends with the casino operators opens up some good opportunities to find out about special promotions, discounts and such that are coming up.  If you are fond of poker tournaments, you might even get a comp for buy-in at a table if the management is feeling generous.  There’s nothing wrong with making a connection with the casino operators, just don’t try to get friendly with some of the wait staff or you may make an enemy with casino security.


Tel: +44 1482-221133

193-203 George Street Kingston Upon Hull, England HU1 3BS United Kingdom