Captain Corri's Card Club Hove casino

Captain Corri's Card Club Hove casino

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A little, out of the way card room.  Nothing fancy, just good poker.  Captain Corri’s Card Club Hove casino is a great little spot to hone your poker skills against some really excellent poker players.  The casino is on the Hove Railway.


There are no promotions that we are aware of at this Hove Casino.


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Some may wonder why there’s any point in going to an offline casino or land based casino when they can simply login from their computer at home or through a mobile casino app.  There are quite a few differences.  The predominant difference is socializing.

Land based, or offline casinos are a great place to make friends with similar interests from a broad range of backgrounds.  Some feel that playing at an offline casino increases their odds of winning.  The belief is that randomization routines performed by online casinos is far superior to the efforts to randomize cards at the casino.  Then of course, there’s the food and spirits.  Offline casinos offer a culture of fun, food and socializing that offline casinos may never be able to match.


Tel:01273 736420 ‎

176 Church Road, Hove, East Sussex BN3 2DJ