Great Yarmouth Casinos


The Diamond Players Club Great Yarmouth Casino has a theme of Las Vegas gambling action.  The casino provides great gambling and a luxury experience.  Free membership, but for those that want to reap the benefits of the reward loyalty programme are encouraged to join.  The Diamond Players Club Casino is open nine am to eleven pm Sunday through Thursday.  It also stays open later by one hour on Friday and on Saturday they are open until one am.


Complimentary drinks, light fare and snacks.  Bonus points and free plays awarded.  Membership in fact, has its rewards.  Happy Hour promotions as well.


Limited selection of casino games and electronic gambling and slots.


Tips for Great Yarmouth Casinos

Winning at a casino, for a lot of people, means walking out of the casino with the same amount of money that they went into the casino with.  For others it means not losing all of the money they put aside for playing with.  Either way, if you want to be a winner, don’t take all of your cards and cash with you into the casino.

Know your limits, especially your financial limits and play with only what you can afford.  By setting aside money that you are comfortable playing with, you increase the chances for a successful night at the casino and will have a far better time doing it.

Tel: 01493 844 995


The Diamond Players Club 17-23 Marine Parade Great Yarmouth Norfolk NR30 2ES United Kingdom