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Alea Glasgow Casino

Alea Glasgow Casino


Alea Glasgow Casino is a Caesars Entertainment Property and is home to the Red Leaf restaurant.  The casino is ultra slick and modern and sits off the riverside.  The Alea Glasgow Casino offers beautiful scenic views.  Membership is not a requirement, but it does have benefits such as the loyalty reward programme for players.

ID is not a requirement to enter the casino, however it will be necessary to join the loyalty programme.  The Challenge 21 scheme is in effect so it is a requirement to be 18 to enter the establishment.  The casino opens at noon and goes on until eight am.  Tables for gaming become available at four pm Monday through Friday and two pm on Sat. and Sun..

Promotions and Events

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Dine Out for £10


The gaming floor includes Punto Banco, Blackjack, American Roulette and Three Card Poker.  Twenty-one electronic gambling machines are available and there are forty electronic Roulette machines.  Poker tournaments are run and poker tables are open every night of the week.

Tips for Glasgow Casinos 

Play responsibly.  You may have heard it or even seen a sign at a casino, but what does it mean exactly?  Brash judgments can be made with finances under a few conditions and those conditions simply should not be anywhere around casino gambling.

The three top contributing factors that play a part in poor gambling decisions are drinking too much, gambling when depressed and trying to gamble out of a hole.  Responsible gambling and playing responsibly means taking it upon yourself to stay away from the casinos when you are experiencing any of the aforementioned contributing factors.

You can save yourself a lot of further problems by doing so.  Remember, if you have trouble controlling your gambling urges, there are places that can assist problem gamblers.  Gambling is meant to be an entertaining diversion.  If you aren’t having fun, then play another day.

Tel:+44 141 555 6100 ‎

Spingfield Quay, Scotland, Glasgow G5 8NP, United Kingdom