UK Advertising Watchdog Receives Complaints vs. “The Ladbrokes Life” Outdoor Posters

The British Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), whose task as UK’s independent advertising regulator is to act on complaints against advertisements regarded as misleading, harmful or offensive, reports that they have received 67 complaints against Ladbrokes’ newest outdoor campaign posters, which were released in conjunction with its  recently launched TV advertisement “The Ladbrokes Life” .

Although seemingly minimalist and stylish in its red and black presentation,  the posters carried the emphatic tag lines  “when you win it’s skill, when you lose it’s bad luck”  and “once is lucky, twice is talent” that caught the ire of the complainants.

Based on ASA’s initial assessments of the negative feedback, the complainants’ take on the posters is that it tends to glamorise gambling by associating the activity to social and sexual success. The outdoor campaign ads are regarded as harmful because the messages could adversely affect the younger and more innocent generation, as well as those who are prone to think of gambling as part of a glamorous lifestyle.

Different posters presented each of the five gambling men featured in the TV ad series, but complaints were centered on “The Professor” and the “Mr. Brightside” billboard. “The Professor” poster carries the tag line “once is lucky, twice is talent” because in the TV Ad he is introduced as one that makes betting decisions based on statistical data and mathematical calculations.  The line “when you win its skill, when you lose its bad luck” is for “Mr. Brightside” whose character stays optimistic even if he loses on a bet.

An ASA spokesman stated that is still in the process of carefully evaluating the merits of the complaints in order to establish if there is sufficient ground for an investigation.

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