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When you happen onto people from Las Vegas that have just lost big at the casinos and are walking away from the table muttering to themselves, chances are pretty good that you don’t really want to hear what they have to say. They’re probably swearing under their breath at everything and everyone for their misfortune, but perhaps that is not the way to go. Some people would argue that a much better thing to say after a rough night like that is “hakuna matata”.

This is a phrase that was made famous by a little movie known as The Lion King. One of Disney’s most popular cartoon feature length movies, The Lion King is the story of Simba, a lion cub that is destined to grow up to become the king of all animals in his little area of Africa. However, tragedy besets him along the way and the road to the kingship is a much rockier one than anyone could have predicted. This movie touched the hearts of millions around the world and for that reason when it was made into a production show, it was perhaps only natural that success would follow the production in the same way it had followed the initial movie.

The phrase hakuna matata was popularized in that movie and it is a phrase that means “no worries”. In the movie, Simba is taught that phrase by two fun-loving friends of his that try to teach him to just relax and have fun, accepting what life throws at you and playing the hand you’re dealt. Even though the movie was not made for the gambling crowd, it is perhaps the single most important piece of advice that a gambler should take. And gamblers and non-gamblers alike will have the chance to take that advice firsthand starting soon because The Lion King will be coming to Las Vegas as a production show at The Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino.

According to the producer of the show, the situation that they have going at The Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino is an ideal one. Mandalay Bay has been home to several other production shows and that was the main reason behind the decision of producer Thomas Schumacher to actually put The Lion King into production at The Mandalay Bay. While things are not finalized at the moment, there is every reason to believe that this deal will hold and that in the upcoming days the idea of The Lion King being a permanent fixture at Mandalay Bay will be official.

As for when Las Vegas residents and visitors can expect the actual show to start up, The Lion King producer says that the mid 2009 will be the time for the show to actually start. At the current moment in time, Las Vegas previews of the show are expected to start on April 20, 2009 and just a couple of weeks later on May 2, 2009, the opening night for Lion King Las Vegas will commence. These are only tentative dates at the moment however and may be changed before the end of 2008.

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