The Hypocrisy of the US Government on Online Gambling

US Government Online Gambling LawsThe Hypocrisy of the US Government on Online Gambling

Hypocrisy in politics is really nothing new. In fact, ever since the advent of democracy in ancient Greece it has been quite clear that politicians of all political stripes and affiliations have been hypocritical on different issues over the years. Neither the left nor the right are immune to political hypocrisy in any form, but on the issue of online gambling it has been the US government that has done one of the most hypocritical things in modern memory. According to the UIGEA and a later clarification on the piece of legislation that was released by the Office of the Attorney General just a couple of months ago, online gambling in the United States is most definitely illegal. The recent arrest of Anurag Dikshit, the co-founder of Party Gaming, has shown that the US government does indeed mean business when it comes to prosecuting people that have broken the law and are guilty of online gambling.

However, the US government at the same time does not say a thing about mobile phone betting. Believe it or not, you can actually go up to the Office of the Attorney General in Washington DC and make a bet with a bookie over your cellular phone and the only thing that you might be told by the people working there is that you need to stop loitering on the sidewalk and get on with your life. Mobile phone betting in the United States and mobile phone gambling as an extension of it is perfectly legal and in fact New Jersey has recently moved in the direction of creating legislation that unequivocally makes betting over mobile phones completely legal in their state.

Now, the punch line of this particular irony is that mobile phones are only able to send bets and other gambling wagers through the internet. They have wireless Bluetooth connections to the internet and they interact with the exact same websites in question, but with a different software package that is most equipped to handle the limited resources that a mobile phone has. Essentially, mobile phone gambling is a subset of online gambling, but it appears as though the former is perfectly legal and the latter is completely illegal. This is hypocrisy of the highest nature and everyday that the US government refuses to address the issue is just one more day that they draw the ire of gambling industry analysts that have been quite startled over the last two years at the direction the US government has decided to take with their online gambling measures.

Now, the Daily Show and other political satire outlets would actually find the above situation quite hilarious and no doubt would spoof it if they heard about it. That having been said however, real people are affected by this ban and for that reason there are many industry experts that are not even close to laughing at the current situation. Staggering hypocrisy is one thing, but what the US government has done with two different forms of online gambling in this situation does not really have a word that can describe it.

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