Tax Worker to be Indicted on Gambling Charges

Tax Worker to be indicted on Gambling Charges

There has been a lot of gambling related activity going on in the United States recently, but when you take a look at everything that has happened what is perhaps most striking about the current situation is that there appear to be far more negative cases making the airwaves than positive ones. The Bush Administration did vow to crackdown on gambling before they left office and considering that vow one has to wonder if they are not trying their utmost to make good on that promise given the fact that they only have about a month left in office before they turn the reigns over to the new Obama Administration that is very likely to have a much more soft line approach on the gambling issue if they try to address it at all given the much larger problems that the country now faces.

That having been said, when it was reported that a tax worker in Virginia had been arrested on charges of money laundering and running an illegal gambling operation with sports betting out of her office, there were not that many people in the pro-gambling camp that stepped forward to defend her.

The reason for this is that Diane Diep, a 28-year-old employee of the Department of Tax Administration in the state of Virginia, is a good example of the fact that there are abusive cases of gambling out there. People that are lobbying heavily in favor of internet gambling understand that Diane’s case and cases like hers form the main reason as to why people are still leery of gambling and especially online gambling since to many people it represents a new frontier that has never been tapped before. Whenever someone like Diane is caught not only abusing the system in a most horrific way, but also doing it from a position of authority, a large amount of trust by the public in their elected officials is lost and is never really regained which is another reason that federal authorities will no doubt use in their continued attempted crackdown on gambling and online gambling specifically.

Despite this case seemingly being an open and shut case regarding the abuses that went on in the tax office, online gambling activists are quick to point out the differences between this particular case and the other case of Party Gaming co-founder Anurag Dikshit who was forced to plead guilty in court to charges of online gambling. Dikshit’s case, according to online gambling activists, was a case of the federal government hounding a person for years without cause and eventually bullying them into submitting under a piece of legislation that is unconstitutional to begin with.

Whoever is correct in the cases of Diane and Anurag, one thing is certain. The federal government has already lumped the two cases together and for that reason public opinion has already been affected to the point where it doesn’t really matter how related they actually are since people have already related them in their minds.

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