Table Casino Games at Land Casinos not so Different

UK Casino Gambling NewsTable Casino Games at Land Casinos not so Different

When you look around the casino, you tend to see a number of different tables combined with a number of different slot machine rows. This is how the average casino is laid out and there are a number of different activities for everyone to go through no matter which casino games happen to be their favorites. Table casino games have always been popular and roulette has of course been the most popular table game of all time. Roulette has many different variants that combine to make it as popular as it currently is, but there are also many other table games that casinos tend to have on hand.


The second most popular table game after roulette has to be craps. However, one thing that craps has the top spot in is energy. A craps table is quite literally brimming with energy and that is something that definitely attracts new players because the activity at the table is quite simply impossible to notice. Craps tables are filled with hopeful betters and rollers that love to throw the dice and win themselves and the rest of the table money. The combination of the exotic bets, the tension and the fact that the person with the dice can make or break the fortunes of each person standing at the table can create more than enough energy to allow the craps table to be the loudest and most boisterous in the entire casino.

Sic Bo

Sic bo is a game that has only recently arrived at many of the world’s western casinos relative to the amount of time that games like roulette and craps have been in the west. Sic bo is a game that is actually very similar to roulette, with the important difference that roulette only allows you the chance to bet on the spinning of a wheel where with sic bo you instead have the opportunity to bet on the outcome of three dice being rolled. The bets are very similar in that you can bet on individual numbers as well as the total that will show, but the fact that there are three things being utilized instead of one also allows for a number of other bets as well. In this way, sic bo can be thought of as a more complicated version of roulette for people that would like more action.


In some cases, there are also table games that contain races. These races are electronically done through the use of figurines for the horses or cars and the actual winning is computed through completely randomized means based on the odds that each racing entity has when the race starts. In this way, the betting is done in a way very similar to other casino games and not even the person at the table taking the bets has the ability to know beforehand which racer is going to win. Not many casinos have this type of electronic racing, but those that do often find that their customers are glad for the change of pace it provides.

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