Striker Suarez Makes Betsafe Gamblers Happy but Vexes Sponsors Adidas and 888Poker

Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez has made more than a hundred Scandinavian punters happy when he sunk his teeth into the left shoulder of Italy’s Giorgio Chiellini during a critical group-stage game last Tuesday. Scandinavian punters took on UK online bookmaker Betsafe’s odds on offer of 175/1 that the Uruguayan will make a repeat of his two previous biting offensives for which he received disciplinary actions for both incidents. As the turn of events has it, Suarez made a number of Betsafe punters happy when he gave in to his biting urge near the end of last Tuesday’s Italy-Uruguay World Cup match in Natal.

However, Nigel Currie, the Director of sports marketing agency Rapport said Suarez is about to face not only disciplinary actions but also potential losses involving millions of pounds worth of existing sponsorship deals and possible future contracts. Currie commented. “Although he’s a great player, there are others around and if there’s a big risk the sponsors will go for a safer option.” Based on FIFA guidelines, if the FIFA investigations will once again result to disciplinary actions, Suarez will be facing a ban of up to 24 international football matches.

Last year, Suarez merely received a rebuke and a warning from Adidas, with whom the Uruguayan football player has a multi-million pound deal. This time, Adidas has stated that the company is now reconsidering the sponsorship contract with Suarez and that they will act accordingly based on the results of FIFA’s full investigation over Suarez’s most recent biting offense.

UK’s 888 Holdings, which inked a deal with Suarez only last month is also reconsidering their Suarez endorsement contract. The poker company announced, “888poker is seriously reviewing its relationship with the player (Suarez) as we will not tolerate any unsporting behaviour.”








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