Staking Xuan Liu’s Online Poker Could Pay off for Investors

Xuan LiuStaking Xuan Liu’s Online Poker Could Pay off for Investors

Poker playing beauty, Xian Liu most recently gained attention by securing third place in the European Poker Tour in May. She is now getting a bit of media attention as she is offering her shares in the World Championships of Online Poker for sale. She recently posted that she is looking for investors to buy in to her poker run.

Staking Xuan Liu

Xuan Liu after offering 30%-40% to investors is already seeing those shares going like crazy. Most of the shares offering has already been assigned with most players staking the shrewd business woman and poker player for 1%-5% of her buyins.

Online Poker

Xuan Liu has an impressive schedule of poker playing over the next couple of weeks, starting today with the NL Turbo $500,000. Already having earned nearly $600,000 this year alone, Xuan is clearly making a bigger name for herself. Her current rankings put her in a good position for further staking should she need it. Players that grabbed up the opportunity to stake Xuan Liu should see an excellent return.

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