Sports Betting, Golf and Why Tiger is No Longer a Sure Thing

Golf BettingSports Betting, Golf and Why Tiger is No Longer a Sure Thing

Advice columnists used to advise not to wager in golf tournaments that Tiger Woods was playing in, especially not to bet against Tiger. However, that has changed considerably over the past two years. Tiger Woods’ stats over the past two years no longer make him as much of a threat to betting as he used to.

Certainly, from 2007-2009 betting against Tiger would be a fool’s bet, but his 112th standing in 2010 and 135th standing this year has changed the game completely. Ranking 1st in career earning on the PGA Tour is one thing, but his recent performance no longer puts him in the ranks of the gods of golf, just the legends of golf.

Tiger’s statistics are still sound ranking number one in approaches from 125-150 yards and scrambling from the rough, but now he is ranking 50th in his scoring average. We still love Tiger and will always admire his talent and skill at golf, but placing a bet against Tiger doesn’t hold the certainity of losing that wager that it used to.

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