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UK Online Gambling LawsOne of the biggest internet bingo sites in the United Kingdom, Sparkling Bingo has just completed its 5th year of offering its services to the United Kingdom customers.

In order to celebrate such event, the company is going to refurbish its website in order to give it a brand new look accompanied by a new set of promotions and bonuses to the players in order to celebrate this amazing event.

The new look that the website is going to embrace is a retro themed and it is going to offer a set of new features that are unique and innovative and cannot be found at any other bingo website in the United Kingdom.

This new look that is retro themed is going to be available and fully functional in the upcoming days, according to a statement by Sparking Bingo. This look is going to present the players with a very easy to read font, razor sharp graphics and a very easy navigation interface with simple buttons that will make the player’s experience at the site as smooth as possible and filled with joy.

This new look is considered a big change from the pink themed look that the bingo website has adapted since it opened its doors 5 years ago. Most if not all of the bingo websites available in the United Kingdom have the same pink theme and interface. This is why this new retro look is going to make this website stand out from the other websites.

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