Slot Machines on Pennsylvania Legislative Agenda

Slot Machines on Pennsylvania Legislative Agenda

Slots are a big part of the revenues that the state of Pennsylvania takes in on a yearly basis and for that reason there are always discussions about expanding those slot machines services into more areas of the state in the hopes of getting additional revenue. The legislative agenda has often had such bills in the works for a particular period of time, but with the way public opinion in Pennsylvania currently stacks against gambling, many of the legislators that have tried to get such things instituted have been coldly rebuffed in the State Congress and the deals have often died before they even got to the floor of the house. Well, Democratic Representatives in the state are now interested in pushing the agenda again, however they have two big ticket items coming in the legislative agenda that pertain to gambling this time around.

The names of the representatives are Tim Solobay and Bill DeWeese, both of which are currently in the process of creating the bill that will be going before a house committee in 2009. Both Solobay and DeWeese are representatives of districts that would give them a good chance to see how casinos in West Virginia operate and analysts that are looking at the current legislative battle that is likely to come to a head on the floor of the congress believe that the reason they are now coming forward with this legislation is that they have seen how much better West Virginia casinos are at attracting gamblers than their Pennsylvania counterparts and they would now like to step in and do something to help the situation for the 14 state owned and operated casinos that currently exist inside the state borders on a legal basis.

The first of these two big ticket items is to allow table games to be played at these casinos. These table games would include things like blackjack, roulette, craps and many of the other popular table games that tend to be taken for granted by people that have ready access to them in other casinos around the country. The casinos in West Virginia are allowed to have table games while their counterparts in Pennsylvania are only limited to slot machines. Solobay and DeWeese both point out that their rationale for putting this item into the bill largely has to do with leveling the competition a bit and at least allowing Pennsylvania casinos to have the same access to games and the same ability to field attractions that will draw customers as those that are across the border in West Virginia.

The second of the two items calls for allowing any establishment that has a liquor license the opportunity to place up to six slot machines on the premises, adding additional gambling venues aside from the casinos that the state has already put into place. The Democratic Governor of Pennsylvania Ed Rendell has made it quite clear that he does not support either of these two items, so unless Solobay and DeWeese find a way to convince him and their other Democratic colleagues otherwise, these items could die before ever seeing the light of day.

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