Slot Machines Make Up Majority of Horseshoe Offerings

Slot Machines Make Up Majority of Horseshoe Offerings

Indiana is a state in the country that does have quite a few casinos and for this reason a casino opening is not really front page news in most places of the world. In spite of that however, the slot machine extravaganza that is the Horseshoe Casino has managed to receive a lot of press in many of the major publications of the day.

The Horseshoe Casino is a newly opened casino in the city of Hammond, Indiana and it is definitely something that was worth the wait. With 100 table games and 3200 slot machines, it is a casino that rivals the big casinos of Las Vegas in its slot machine haul and that is something that has made the residents of Hammond very happy indeed. Indiana has always been a slot machine state before it was a table game state and residents that were polled said that they were very glad indeed that the Horseshoe had stayed true to the state in the creation of its entertainment facilities.

The 3200 slot machines in the new casino are located all around the casino grounds and for that reason are very hard to get away from. Even when you are playing at the table games in some of the private rooms you can hear the slot machines and from pretty much everywhere else in the casino you can see them. This was done on purpose to entice more people to play the slot machines and it was also done partially because of vanity, as one diligent reporter was able to get a supervisor to admit. Horseshoe Casino has a very nice selection of slot machines and they wanted to be able to show them off.

Whenever you have 3200 slot machines in one place choice is not going to be a large complaint from the player base, but the new Horseshoe Casino has taken the initiative and made sure to curb all complaints by including practically every popular slot machine brand currently in production. Manufacturers like Konami, Aristocrat, Bally, WMS Gaming and IGT are all represented inside the casino and Horseshoe officials claim that the casino has been able to maintain very good ties to all of the manufacturers including the ones that are not represented in the 3200 slot machine selection on the casino floor.

However, quantity is not everything, as Horseshoe Casino officials continue to remind reporters that have been playing up the numbers on the slot machines that are available. Their goal was not to be known for being just a casino with plenty of slot machines, but rather to be known as a casino that has the complete package. For this reason, officials of the casino have been extra careful to point out in press releases that the quality of gaming is one of the highest in the country, as is the comfort that one can get by staying inside the casino. The casino is also a lot more than slot machines, as the 100 gaming tables and many private rooms can prove.

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