Slot Machines, Blackjack and Online Gambling in the US

PokerStarsSlot Machines, Blackjack and Online Gambling in the US

After the announcement of the United States DOJ (Dep. of Justice) that allowed online gambling whether it is blackjack, poker or slot machines, or any other kind of online gambling. This is actually a reverse announcement to its prior position about the legality of all forms of online gambling. This announcement has opened the door for all kinds of online gambling, and it is expected to cause booming in the online gambling industry.

But this doesn’t mean that all online gambling is legal, not just yet. The announcement of the DOJ doesn’t get applied on the spot. And it doesn’t instantly give all online gambling operators the permission to operate legally across the United States. This is because every state’s constitution and law has a different view and a different opinion about online gambling. So each state will have to discuss with its legislatures the idea of legalizing internet gambling in their state. Frank Fahrenkopf, commented on such decision and said that the Dept. of Justice doesn’t have as power and authority as the United States Supreme Court. Thus, any ruling of the DOJ can be reversed or altered anytime. So online gambling isn’t illegal, not yet.

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And this decision by the Dept. of Justice has raised a large set of questions. For example, does this ruling allow states to engage in something more gamble related than lottery tickets? Will states allow poker, blackjack or bingo? And if states do engage in such games, will it be a state only activity, or will it be across states as well like a Powerball? All of these questions have been asked to the Dept. of Justice since these questions weren’t answered by the statement of the DOJ. And to comment on that Frank Fahrenkopf said that depending solely on the Dept. of Justice’s decision, states aren’t permitted to engage in online internet gambling, it’s still very early for that. For him, the announcement raised so many questions and gave so little answers. That’s why he sees it’s still very early for states to take actions based on the Dept. of Justice’s reverse announcement.

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