Refresher to Mah Jong Before Hitting the Casinos

world mah jong championshipsRefresher to Mah Jong Before Hitting the Casinos

Mah Jong is a game that has been around for centuries and it is actually a game that predates pretty much anything that currently exists in the western world as far as gambling is concerned. The game is often referred to as “Chinese Poker”, but it is important to realize that Chinese Poker and Mah Jong are actually two different games. Chinese Poker is a game that has roots elsewhere, but Mah Jong is a game that was created in China and for the most part is also played in China. It is far more similar to Gin than to anything else.

How many players can play Mah Jong?

The number varies between two and four players. The game can be played with two, three or four players, but for the most part it is important to realize that playing with four players is the best possible experience you can have. There are in fact many great Mah Jong players that refuse to play a game with three or two players only.

Who can play Mah Jong?

Anyone that can grasp the strategic and tactical elements to the game can play Mah Jong. In fact, if you go to the home country of the game in China and look at a public square you will find that there are a number of children playing the game. Officially, it is said that any child from the age of four should be able to grasp the elements of the game enough to play, but some strategy in Mah Jong is so fine that it would probably take a more developed intellect in order to understand it. Chinese children do grow up playing the game however, so it can definitely be a family game should you wish.

How long does the game take?

A game of Mah Jong is actually quite variable in the amount of time it can take. While it only takes a few minutes to set things up, the actual sequence of play combined with the thinking of the players and the discussion that takes place during the game can take a lot longer. Mah Jong games usually last about twenty to thirty minutes in length but serious games between top professionals with a lot of pause time for thinking to take place can last hours.

How can I get good at Mah Jong?

Understanding the strategy behind the game is key to becoming a good Mah Jong player. In fact, you not only need to understand how the strategy works when you play the game, but you need to be able to apply the appropriate tactics at the right time to facilitate your strategy. This means that you need to be observant to see what other players are doing and how they react to different situations but you also need to have a good memory to know what’s come. The skills are similar to poker and that is why Mah Jong is sometimes incorrectly referred to as Chinese Poker.

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