Proponents of Slots Introduction in Maryland Presented Strong Case

Proponents of Slots Introduction in Maryland Presented Strong Case

There is a referendum going before theMaryland voters at the current moment in time. This referendum, if successful, would see slot machines installed in the state across the various different venues that would be conducive to them. These include sites like horse racing tracks which previously have not been able to take advantage of slot machines because of an injunction against such activity put forth by the state of Maryland some time ago.

Public Opinion

However, the referendum is the first in what critics of the ban are calling a wave of public opinion against maintaining such a ban. Critics of the law call it a crushing blow to human rights in the state of Maryland and especially to how people can choose to spend their leisure time. The principle of the matter is the main headline to the argument that proponents of the yes vote in the legislation are putting forward with the idea that banning slots is not only unconstitutional, but also blatantly authoritarian on the part of a government in an area of the United States that historically has had a very strong libertarian streak.

In addition to the principled argument however, proponents of the law have many other reasons for supporting a yes vote in the upcoming referendum. The first of their arguments has to do with the horse racing industry in Maryland, which has taken a very big hit over the last few years. With more people going to nearby casinos or betting online, the horse track has been floundering financially. For this reason, people in favour of the referendum passing argue that the only thing that can save the horse racing industry in the state is the injection of new cash into the system. Slot machines placed throughout the racing tracks of Maryland could provide this new cash and they could even bring new people to the race tracks just to play the slot machines.

Las Vegas

Another argument that you will hear from people in favour of the referendum passing is the fact that slot machines can offset taxes. This is the type of economic intuition that you will see in places like Las Vegas and in fact it is intuition that has served people well in the past. The use of slot machines as a source of income has allowed many states and local areas to lower taxes and of course this in turn has stimulated the economy. If a person puts their money into a slot machine, that is generally something that is thought to be more of a stimulating point to the economy than if the money is directly removed from them through an income tax.

The last argument that these people make has to do with the Maryland budget shortfall. The budget shortfall is estimated to be around $430 million this year and of course Maryland like most of the other states already has a sizeable debt that they have to deal with. According to the state officials that are dealing with this particular case, slot machines in the state would eventually generate a $600 million source of income which will be more than enough to close that shortfall in the state budget.

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