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The content available to visitors through is there to help them in their research purposes only. As a direct result of the changing nature of the industry, the visitors might find slight differences from the information on the website and other websites. For the same reason, will regularly edit and update its content to make sure it is up to date with the industry. The website can also accept payments in order to publish certain content for other websites. This content includes casino reviews and articles.

The visitors will not be exposed to any cookie usage throughout their stay on any website’s pages. This is because the website does not condone any kind of use of cookies. Once the visitors decide to click on any suggested and provided links and head to external websites, and may be exposed to cookies and harmful content. This is why the website will stop being responsible of the visitors once they click on any links.

The users have to know that once they engage in in any way including viewing the content or using the services and simply opening any pages, this means they have read in full, all of these terms and that they approve of every single term.

The web site is not responsible for checking the rules or the laws of the different countries as this is the responsibility of the visitors and not the website’s.

All listed terms can be altered and is not required to notify the users or announce such changes before or after they take place.  This includes the deletion of any terms as well as adding new ones.