Poker Stars, Full Tilt Poker and Absolute Poker, the Saga

Android Mobile Poker App from BwinEveryone in the community of online gambling has been affected one way or another from the consequences of Black Friday. Black Friday was the name given to the day that the U.S Dept. of Justice seized the domain names and all financial accounts of three major poker rooms, PokerStars, Absolute Poker and Full Tilt Poker. This occurred on the 15th of April of last year. Hence, all operations at these poker rooms were stopped until further notice. Directly after this move by the DoJ, the traffic on all of the online gambling websites and casinos suffered a major decrease in the weeks that came after Black Friday. The online gambling industry sure recovered from such event and picked itself up. So after a year of Black Friday, we shall see how things have changed and what are the updates concerning the three poker room that got seized on Black Friday.

Poker Stars was very smart, as after what happened, it instantly separated all of its operations outside the United States away from the effects of Black Friday. Then it started to plan to reenter the American market by settling with the U.S Department of Justice through paying a very huge fee, it also paid its American players who lost their accounts and money due to Black Friday. It seems that PokerStars is going to be a part of the regulated and soon to be legalized online gambling market in the United States. As for the smallest one out of the three poker sites, Absolute Poker, it seems to have disappeared from the internet as if it never existed. No mention of it in any websites or forums. It seems like no one cares about what happened to Absolute Poker.

Now it is time to talk about the biggest room of them all, Full Tilt Poker (FTP), which seems to be an ongoing saga between FTP and the Department of Justice. There has been a problem with paying its players’ their money back because the accounts got frozen, and FTP didn’t ring the balances and already used them in its  gambling operations. Good news in the horizon thought, as there have been talks between the DoJ, Groupe Bernard Tapie from France and Full Tilt Poker, and they seem to have reached an understanding that would settle things. Even though it is good news, but the players have been waiting for their money for a year now.

These were not all the consequences of Black Friday, as there were numerous online casinos and poker websites that closed by itself fearing similar fates as the three poker rooms. Although it was a very black day in the history of online gambling, but there are a few positive results. The major good result has to be the announcement by the DoJ right before Christmas. As the Dept. of Justice has released a statement saying that the Wire Act issued in December of 2011 only meant to illegalize sport wagering. Hence, it legalized all kinds of online gambling. This has caused quite a stir in the world of online gambling in the U.S as many states are now racing to enter the legalized and regulated world of internet gambling.

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