Poker at Bet24 Under New Management

Bet 24 New Poker ManagementPoker at Bet24 Under New Management

Bet24 has recently announced that they have filled the Poker Manager position with Lars Kollind.  Kollind is one of the founders and president of Poker Icons, one of the most well-known and successful poker agencies in Europe.

Gambling Revenue

Kollind is excited about his new position and is looking forward to the opportunity to improve the company’s online and live gambling revenue.  Bet24 is very excited about their new acquisition to the company, especially with his experience.  Kollind’s background boasts experience not only in the world of poker, but he also has extensive knowledge and expertise in sales, marketing, events and public relations.


Bet24’s website has become popular all over Europe, and has been translated into sixteen different languages.  The company also has a customer base that expands over 70 different countries.  It is easy to predict that their new poker manager will only help to expand the company even more.

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