Philadelphia Slots Plan Hit Additional Snag

Philadelphia Slots Plan Hit Additional Snag

Mayor Nutter, the current mayor of the city of Philadelphia, ended up getting an earful from activists opposed to his plan to bring additional slot machines into the city of Philadelphia. The aforementioned earful that the mayor received is just the latest in a long line of angry citizens of the city that have come forth in protest of the overall plan itself. It seems as though there are many people in support of bringing slot machines to the city of Philadelphia but it seems just as strong that everyone in the city has a decidedly “not in my backyard” attitude about it. The benefits of slot machines such as the injecting of income into the economy and the stimulation of the overall economy through the cycling of money into and out of the casino system are acknowledged by everyone in the city but at the same time nobody in the city wants the slot machines to actually be in their neighborhood.

Benefits of Slot Machines

This particular attitude was first brought to light when Mayor Nutter tried to take a look at the first location for the Foxwoods slot machines that were part of the original deal. This location was going to be in the southern part of the city on the Delaware River and once people had gotten wind of the project there was a large group of community officials that rose up to oppose the plan that was backed not only by the Philadelphia mayor but also by the Governor of Pennsylvania Ed Rendell. The slots parlor sponsored by Foxwoods was originally going to be built in spite of the original protests but when the group of people staging the protest became significantly larger, Nutter decided that it was time to find another location to make his plan go forward.

Foxwoods Slots

Up until now, that location was going to be the Foxwoods Slots Parlour at the Gallery. The Gallery Shopping Mall is a major commercial area within the city of Philadelphia and it is located in the Chinatown district of the city. The slot machines that were created in the proposal were eventually accepted by the city council that for their own part ended up voting to zone the building properly about a week ago. It wasn’t until that moment in time that opposition to the new plan became evident but when it did become evident it also became quite obvious that the Philadelphia plan for an expansion of the slot machines was once again going to hit up against a wall.

At the moment, that is exactly where the issue stands. The Mayor and Governor are both still hoping that development can go forward at that particular location while community officials for the Chinatown area of Philadelphia are concerned that the presence of a slots parlor could bring down the overall quality of the area. A series of talks that have accomplished nothing to date have been scheduled and therefore all that is left is to wait and see what happens in the future when more talks take place.

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