Phil Ivey and a UK Casino

PokerStarsAccording to sources, the professional and well known poker player named Phil Ivey has been denied from million of winnings that he earned while gambling at one of the casinos in the UK. According to the same sources, Phil Ivey was able to earn more than seven million British pounds while playing in a high-stakes Baccarat game last August.

Despite his huge win, only his buy in was given to him. The casino justified this by stating that it suspects that Phil Ivey was cheating despite the fact that the casino does not hold any evidence of such cheating or any kind of misconduct on Phil Ivey’s side. The casino has not even charged the poker player with anything but it is pursuing and investigating the matter.

Phil Ivey is an international and a professional poker player who has won eight WSOP bracelets. He was also one of the player-power behind the infamous FTP (Full Tilt Poker) before it closed down following the events of Black Friday and accusations of fraud.

Phil Ivey has a clean slate as he has never been accused of any kinds of crimes. Despite having a clean slate, Phil Ivey caused a lot of controversy when he was revealed to have burrowed millions of dollars from FTP. Phil Ivey is known for declining any invites for interviews so it is no surprise that the poker player is staying silent on that matter.

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