PGA Eyes Asian Golf Market, China Takes on Las Vegas in Golf Resorts

Online Gambling NewsPGA Eyes Asian Golf Market, China Takes on Las Vegas in Golf Resorts

Golf is getting bigger, especially in Asia where the PGA now includes tournaments held in China, Indonesia, South Korea and Thailand. China has new golf courses slated for development over the next two decades number over two thousand. China will see a massive amount of new golfers from the country as the courses are developed and other countries will follow in their footsteps.

KJ Choi and Yang

As China’s golf presence increases, it may be more difficult for other countries like Australia to bring in the top names of golfing. As the Asian golfing tours develop, the world could see more top professional golfers like KJ Choi and Yang over the next few years. With the amount of talent coming out of Asia, it could potentially change the sport forever as the bar is continually raised.

Golfing Resort

China obviously sees the value in golf, not only as a competitive undertaking, but also as a source of worldwide attraction. As China follows the golfing resort blueprint for cash that Las Vegas originally followed, they will continue to add to their country’s appeal to upper echelon spenders as the appeal of Las Vegas slowly declines in the world’s eyes.

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