Pai Gow Strategy for Land Casinos

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If you are interested in becoming a great Pai Gow player, one thing that you are absolutely going to have to do is learn strategy. Unlike baccarat which is a completely luck-based game, Pai Gow is a game that is based on strategy. There’s a luck element involved when you are playing against the house, but if you actually play against other players with no house edge you will find Pai Gow similar to poker in the sense that the strategy will cause the game to be about skill in the long run.

Combinations and Permutations

When you are playing against the house in normal casino Pai Gow rules, you and the dealer will both receive four tiles. You must use these tiles to create two different hands with values that are scored based on how the tiles are actually placed into their two different hands. This means that you must look at the different combinations and decide which ones are the combinations that you will use in the final hand that you create.

Since you have four tiles and two hands that you need to create, any given hand only has three possibilities and for that reason it is pretty easy to realize right off the bat what the different hand values are. For example, if you took four tiles and arranged them into their different hand values, it would be quite easy to obtain hand values of 0/0, 5/5 and 3/7. This is just one example, but it is enough to illustrate the point that your front and back hands will have different values depending on how you choose to arrange the four tiles into the final two hands.

Winning and Pushing

The only way for you to win a hand of Pai Gow is for both of your hands to beat both of the dealer’s hands. For this reason, there is some guesswork involved in Pai Gow. You need to optimize the values of your hands so that both of your hands have the opportunity to beat both of the dealer’s hands. For this reason in the above example you might decide to opt for the 5/5 option as opposed to the 3/7 if you suspect that the dealer does not have particularly good tiles.

Another strategy that you can put into play is a strategy that avoids a loss. Essentially, you’re playing to not lose rather than playing to win. The only way you can do this would be to load up the back hand with as high a score as possible so that you end up ensuring victory on that front. It’s not a very good strategy for getting you money in the long term but in non-house Pai Gow there are players that will use that strategy in an attempt to frustrate their opponent and get them off their game.

Whatever strategy you end up using in Pai Gow, keep in mind that poor strategy will cause you to lose a lot quicker, so studying strategy and developing one to use is something that is absolutely necessary should you want to be successful.

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