Online Gambling Lobby Left by Son of VP Candidate

Online Gambling Lobby Left by Son of VP Candidate

Joe Biden is a name that everyone around the country knows now. He is the Vice Presidential running mate of Barack Obama, a man that is running for President on the Democratic Party’s ticket. Joe Biden has many sons, one of which is named Hunter Biden. Hunter was in the lobbying business for the federal government and represented a firm known as Oldaker, Biden and Belair. This is a firm that represents many different clients, one of which is a name that will be very familiar to anyone involved in the online gambling business.

The name is Russ DeLeon and he is a man that may not need any introduction to the people in online gambling as a business person, but he may need some introduction to the millions of people that use his services every year. DeLeon is the co-founder of Party Gaming, one of the richest and most successful online gambling companies in the world. Their first attempt at success was Party Poker and that of course became a big success, staying atop the poker world until 2006 and the passing of the UIGEA. With the additions of Party Casino, Party Bingo and Party Gammon onto the scene, Party Gaming is still doing well even in spite of having to hastily exit the US market in order to protect their European investors.

To say that DeLeon is a wealthy individual is really to put things mildly. In 2006 just before the UIGEA passed, DeLeon was ranked 197 on the Forbes list of the richest Americans and his total net worth at that time was reported to be $1.8 billion. It is very likely over $2 billion now in 2008 and he is of course still very closely connected to the online gambling business.

To say that DeLeon was opposed to the passing of the UIGEA is also to put things mildly, as he has been in constant legal struggles with the federal government over the controversial and according to many unconstitutional law. In these struggles he has been represented by the firm of which Hunter Biden was recently a member, paying them as much as $50,000 as recently as a few weeks ago in order to represent them in one of these cases.

While there are eight other clients that are represented by Hunter Biden’s firm, this one sticks out as being particularly interesting because of the position of his father on the issue. While Joe Biden has said nothing about online gambling in recent times, he did vote in favour of the UIGEA in 2006 when it came to the Senate, leading many to believe that he bucks the trend of his party on this particular issue. Now that he is running for the VP’s ticket many people want to know where he stands on the issue and it is therefore very likely that Hunter Biden may have quit the lobbying business particularly to avoid charges of hypocrisy against his father. The real reason remains unknown however and for all intents and purposes this story therefore appears to be over.

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