Online Gambling Live Dealers Why Bother?

European GamblingOnline Gambling Live Dealers Why Bother?

In an effort to humanize online casinos, some are gearing up to add some real life eye candy to your gaming; but is it really worth the bandwidth? Adding live video to your online casino experience changes nothing about the odds, except that it generates an entirely new type of distraction, especially if the Baccarat dealer is attractive. So far, more than twenty online casinos now offer at least live Blackjack dealers, with online casinos like 365 covering all games with live dealers and William Hill offering a decent showing. With no real advantage to the player, is there a reason that players would want to choose a live dealer versus a computerized one?

Live Gaming at Online Casinos

In a recent survey conducted by of 100 Britons, 48% stated their preference for live gaming through their online casino. Of that 48%, 12% said that they preferred live dealers for a more “real” casino feel. 9% of those that agreed with live online dealers stated that it was a proper use of technology and the remaining 27% simply liked the idea of not playing against a computer. 52% in opposition of live dealers all agreed that the technology was merely a distraction and added nothing of value to their experience.

Live Dealers at Online Casinos

Whether you agree or disagree with the use of live dealers at online casinos, it would seem that there may not be much of an option as more online casinos direct their efforts towards adding more. Have your say and leave us a comment about your preference about live dealers at online casinos.

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