Online Gambling Legislation in New York Causing Confusion

Offtrack Horse BettingOnline Gambling Legislation in New York Causing Confusion

Chris Gibson, a Republican Representative for New York, made an announcement of a bill that will establish protections for wagering on thoroughbred horse racing from laws that are in opposition of online gambling.

Online Gambling

Currently, rules are in effect that intended to halt online gambling that is illegal however, this has interfered with legal wagering on horse racing that is properly sanctioned. The result is that credit card companies are making the decision to no longer process gaming transactions of any kind which is hurting the online horse racing sector.

Online Wagering

Online wagering for horse racing was recently infused with the investment of millions of dollars, but the confusion being created by current laws is hurting those investments. The House Judiciary Committee will review the legislation in the coming days.

Online wagering is legal in New York and is a vital revenue stream that feeds thousands of jobs. Mr. Gibson brings the new bill forth to protect those jobs and the tourism revenue created by this already legal online gambling.

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