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Important news from the online gambling community of Canada, as it seems that there is a fourth Canadian province to issue laws to regulate and legalize online gambling. This Canadian province is Manitoba. Manitoba chose to become partners with Quebec and British Columbia which already supplies internet gambling services through provincial lotteries. It is a very smart move for Manitoba as it chose a service provider with good experience to help Manitoba take its first steps into the world of the legalized and regulated online gambling.

British Columbia Lottery Corporation

It has been stated by a spokesman on the behalf of Manitoba that the province has chosen the BCLC, the British Columbia Lottery Corporation, business model. As they have made the required research and found this model to be the best model for regulating their newly legalized and regulated online gambling market in the province of Manitoba. On the other hand, the Minister of the BCLB, Honorable Rich Coleman stated that they are more than glad to become partners with Manitoba. He also added that the BCLB is so glad to share its experience and resources in order to help Manitoba establish its newly regulated market of online gambling.

As for the contract and agreement between the two sides, the BCLB is obligated to supply the design of the site and all developing and testing services needed. The BCLB will also manage the online gambling site of Manitoba. Speaking of which, the online gambling site is predicted to go live next year. It is also predicted that it will have poker alongside other casino games. There are also some rumors going around concerning the possibility of adding bingo and sports wagering to the online site, but it is not confirmed yet, it is still in the works. All of the operations will be regulated and monitored by the Manitoba Gaming Control Commission.

Online Gambling

Steve Ashton, the Manitoba Lotteries Minister commented on the step that the province of Manitoba is taking by saying that online gambling has already been existent in Canada. He also added that all that Manitoba is doing is keeping up with the rest of the provinces by finally deciding to regulate and legalize online gambling like other provinces. The main reason for such move was due to the amazing revenue that online gambling can bring to the province of Manitoba once the market is regulated. It is estimated that the residents of Manitoba spend over 35 million Canadian dollars playing on more than 2000 online casinos, and the province doesn’t get any revenue. Lastly he added that 5% of the net revenue from the online gambling profits will be directed to gambling addiction programs. This is in fact more than the percent taken form the land casinos, which is equal 2% of the net revenue.

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