Online Gambling Crackdown a Sign of Changing Times

Online Gambling Crackdown a Sign of Changing Times

Some of the previous news stories regarding the gambling industry have been about specific events within the industry that show a larger pattern. Simply put, that pattern is that people are being cracked down on by the US authorities in the gambling industry. In some cases, indictments have been secured against people that are universally agreed upon to have done nothing illegal, but the government appears to be blind to such realities at the moment as they seem to be on a crusade of old, trying to rid the country of as much problem gambling as possible before they hand over the reigns of power to the next administration. This theme will likely continue in progressive news stories as it is easily the most major story going on within the gambling industry at the current moment in time.

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However, many activists for online gambling, a very specific part of the gambling industry that has been targeted by the authorities in the United States, argue that the current crackdown is a simple of a much bigger problem. That problem is for the government however as they reign of unchecked tyranny against online gambling institutions is coming to an end by the same laws that mandated term limits on the Presidency of the United States of America. The same laws that were put in place to prevent the expansion of major agendas over long periods of time will come into effect now and prematurely put a halt on what as a US legal crusade to rid the entire world of online gambling through any means possible.

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Now, at the very end of that crusade when they realize that the next government does not share their views and that the era of anti-online gambling sentiment is essentially over, many see the recent crackdowns as nothing more than the last desperate grasp of a group of people well aware that their current crusade is one that is far too irrational to be sustained beyond their departure. Many could argue this for other areas of the Bush Administration as well, but their online gambling position has been so intellectually untenable for such a long period of time that it has become apparent to all but the most blind partisan people on this issue that the UIGEA is not a piece of legislation that has the power to endure. It was passed at a time when Republicans had absolute power over the government and now that the Democrats are going to control all three houses of Congress, chances are pretty good that the UIGEA will be one of the first things to go once the financial crisis has been dealt with.

Because of that reasoning, online gambling activists are warning their fellow brethren to stand firm for just one month more. The age of persecution of people that want nothing more than to play poker online in some cases is coming to an end and a new age that promises to be less judgmental of how people choose to live their lives will be starting.

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